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8 Dec 2015

AECOM Job Vacancy for Construction / NEC Supervisor – Civil (Saldanha)

Job Description

AECOM partners with various communities, clients etc globally with a set objective to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. Professionals are currently needed to join our team in making sure that our set objective is achieved.

AECOM: Construction / NEC Supervisor – Civil (Saldanha)

Location: Bellville

Job Field: Construction

Roles and Responsibilities of this AECOM Job Vacancy

  1. Construction / NEC Supervisors will be deployed to ensure that the project is constructed in compliance with the Works Information and that the work is carried out according to the construction standards;
  2. Construction / NEC Supervision includes the following functions:
  3. Establish direct relationship between the construction management and Contractor’s representative;
  4. Manage, coordinate, monitor and inspect the work performed by Contractors;
  5. Ensure the project is constructed according to the engineering design;
  6. Ensure that all construction drawings are properly kept;
  7. Ensure the quality of construction work corresponds to quality requirements, standards and specifications;
  8. Maintain job diaries, site records etc.;
  9. Clarify, interpret and notify on-site modifications to engineering drawings and designs;
  10. Maintain close liaison with the design office and provide required information.
  11. The Construction / NEC Supervisor reporting to the Construction Manager ensures that the works are constructed as specified in the Works Information;
  12. Perform the NEC contractual duties within delegated authority, contractual timeframes and within the framework of the project organisation;
  13. Obtain mandates from Project Manager and Employer in a timely manner so that contractual responses could be given in the time periods specified;
  14. Work with the NEC Project Manager to implement the requirements of the NEC Contract;
  15. Ensure compliance by Contractors with their Health and Safety Plan;
  16. Ensure adherence to all statutory requirements affecting the contract;
  17. Provide all reasonable assistance and cooperation to Contractor in the execution of their work;
  18. Participate in a kick off meeting with Contractor prior to commencement of site activities;
  19. Attend and participate in regular meetings with Contractor arranged by the NEC Project Manager and ensure that action items are completed;
  20. Reporting to the Construction Manager, the function consists of taking all necessary measures to ensure that the works entrusted to the contractors under his supervision are carried out in strict compliance with:
  21. Health and Safety requirements;
  22. Environmental requirements;
  23. Quality requirements;
  24. Technical requirements;
  25. Schedule requirements;
  26. Sound engineering practices;
  27. Any site instructions or requirements.
  28. The Construction / NEC Supervisor ensures that the works are constructed as specified in the various execution documents;
  29. The Construction / NEC Supervisor is expected to be on site at all times where the contractor is operating and inspect regularly the works for compliance.


  1. Relevant tertiary qualification
  2. 10+ years experience
  3. Previous NEC experience essential
  4. EPCM experience

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